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About Cake, She Baked

Food is universal and personal. It's in the background. It's front and center. We celebrate with food. We mourn with food. Cake, She Baked is there for you to create those memories and remember those memories with cake. 


About Leah Petrizzo Sutherland, Creator and Owner

OK, gang. Jeanne here, the sister of the genius behind Cake, She Baked, and the one actually writing this About Me section. Let me tell you a little bit about Leah Sutherland, who is my sister, yes, but also the friend I've known the longest, an encourager extraordinaire and, probably what you're most interested in, a darn good baker.

I guess I'm supposed to describe the wonderful bonding moments we had as young girls, with flour smeared on our cheeks as we mixed cookie dough and giggled at the gooey feel of it between our fingers while sneaking little handfuls of chocolate chips. Truthfully though, I wasn't interested. At least in the work part of baking. I was out skinning my knees on rollerblades until it was time to eat obviously. But Leah was always there, paying attention to the details, starting small with cookies and brownies and working her way up, all the while using food as a love language and treats as a way to demonstrate kindness to her family and friends.

Now, as the creator and owner of Cake, She Baked, Leah still incorporates that insane attention to detail, producing depths of flavor from unique and thoughtful cake and icing combinations that rise above the standard offerings. But beyond that, and most important to me, the essence of family is embedded in her product. By incorporating details from family recipes, as well as an artistic flair that descends from painters and photographers in our family's present and past, Leah creates truly delicious, custom-designed cakes and treats that you simply can't forget. 

Oh, and the name Cake, She Baked? Two words: Jessica Fletcher. Leah has always loved Murder, She Wrote and the fantastic and pensive Angela Lansbury. Before "binging" was a term, and back when television channels hosted marathons, I do remember sitting with Leah engaged in many an episode about the inimitable Maine-based detective. 






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